YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference, happening January 18, 2020 in Sacramento, CA is thrilled that we’ve brought together speakers from across the Sacramento region and beyond. This transformative event is centered around entrepreneurship, vision-building, and accountability.

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Tirzah Moneé

Founder, YesHoney Collective 

Tirzah Moneé is an award-winning web designer & developer, public speaker, but she spends most of her time as a Brand Strategist & Accountability coach helping other multi-passionate entrepreneurs build their roadmap to success. 

Tirzah empathizes with how scary it can be to jump in to start your own business. This is why she offers years of research, hundreds of hours of schooling and sleepless nights to help people like you strategically launch and scale your business into a profitable brand faster.

One of her greatest joys in life comes from seeing her clients grow confident in their business as upcoming leaders in their industry. I love to see clients glow when they can spend their days doing what they love. I call this the YesHoney Glow Up™.

Tirzah will deliver the welcome keynote address.  

Deanna S. Kent

Real Estate Agent, Co-Host of “Millionaire Mindset” Podcast 

Deanna Kent is the definition of a comprehensive entrepreneur. Using her platform as co-host of “Millionaire Mindset” podcast, Kent motivates by sharing her knowledge as a licensed real estate agent, investor, and notary public. She is most passionate about educating and inspiring others to take control on their journey to financial freedom.

Deanna claimed entrepreneurial success beyond the dream state through partnership and courage. Starting a small virgin hair business gave her additional confidence to step into the real estate world full time. Kent believes that having vision means having the courage to dream despite how unconventional the idea may seem. She works to assist others in their ability to create step by step actions to bring their vision to reality.

Beyond the fun Deanna finds in reading, travel, good eats, and exercise, she has discovered happiness within her influence. She will continue to motivate young people to penetrate spaces where they see a boundary, and to end inherited generational habits to create financial freedom for their families.


D’Shaun Campbell

Founder, Succeed Administrative Consultant Firm

D’Shaun Campbell founded Succeed Administrative Consultant Firm to cultivate strong relationships with entrepreneurs and business owners. Campbell assists in vision execution from goal formulation to insuring process completion to success.

Following his father and uncles independent mindsets, Campbell tended an entrepreneurial flame leading him toward business administration. Passion and undeniable skill presented D’Shaun with complimentary positions at multiple faith-based organizations. From Administrative Assistant at True Fellowship church in Oakland, CA to Executive Administrative Assistant at Dream Team Affairs, an elite production company in Northern California, Campbell continued to elevate. Working at Faith in the Bay, the number 1 faith based media outlet in the region, D’Shaun’s exceptional leadership and business acumen earned him the privileged title of Vice President of 1C13 Productions, a youth empowerment non-profit organization. 

Currently Chief Operations Officer at Vision Center Church in Oakland, CA, Campbell is pleased to support YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference. Assisting generational trailblazer, and Founder, Tirzah Johnson in her vision to connect entrepreneurs across industries is part of Campbell’s professional purpose. D’Shaun holds vision as the execution of an idea and believes the YesHoney Collective Vision Conference will be life-changing for all attendees.

Sherena Edinboro

Founder, I Choose Me Health Project

Sherena Edinboro promotes self-discovery as a Wellness Strategist and Founder of I Choose Me Health Project. Over a decade of experience as a Registered Nurse paired with a Master of Science in Leadership inspired Sherena to empower others using health and wellness. Edinboro provides coaching and educational workshops that help individuals set attainable goals. Sherena takes the whole person into account by reminding them to maintain lifestyle choices that put them first on and off the yoga mat.

Edinboro credits her mother with passing her the spirit of entrepreneurship. Seeing her embark upon several business ventures ignited her path to success. Sherena defines vision as having a vivid perception that provides direction for where you are and where you want to go.

An avid world traveler, Edinboro enjoys all things outdoors including running, hiking, cycling, and more. She loves to grab a backpack and scope out a new destination. Sherena is an advocate for people living successfully from a place a love and hope. This stance attracts her to join the YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference because there is power in numbers, and to partner with like-minded individuals dedicated to growth.

Xavier Miller

Investor, Co-Host of “Millionaire Mindset” Podcast

Xavier Miller is a real estate investor, co-host of “Millionaire Mindset” Podcast and all around businessman. Introduced to entrepreneurship through a respected mentor, Miller applied his lessons and now runs multiple successful businesses.

When Xavier is taking a break from tackling the tasks of everyday growth, he enjoys reading, learning about and trying new things, and traveling. Miller is determined to increase real estate, finance, and business knowledge among young people of color.

Xavier holds vision as having the ability to see exactly how things will play out in your mind, whether it is business or personal. Miller wants to be a part of YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference in order to share his message, teach, and inspire open minds. 

Paty Ventura

Owner, Scene Guide

Paty Ventura is a tech entrepreneur and marketing strategist. Helping owners reach their target audience through design, creative marketing, and technology optimization is her passion.  Ventura works together with her clients to achieve objectives and generate growth.

Paty has been a go-getter since her youth, noting her first earnings came from working early mornings and lunches at her middle school. Courage to step away from her job empowered her to evolve creatively in design and even photography. Ventura is speaking at YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference to continue to build her network with more compatible creative minds.

Ventura defines vision as knowing where you want to go, and who you want to impact.

Richard Rembert

Owner, Rich Point of View

Richard Rembert is a multi-dimensional creative that strives to connect with his viewers using visuals. Rembert creates allowing his  work to retell its own story based on perception. Strength in creativity motivates Richard to teach others how to maximize growth through online exposure using sites like Pinterest. Since the emergence of burned playlists off of Limewire, Rembert has been hustling in order to be self-sufficient and ahead of the curve.

Richard keeps up to date in data science reading to learn about different programming related to his purpose. He believes sharing his brand exposure techniques with business minded attendees of YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference will help others in their process.

Richard aspires to create financial workshops for children as early as middle school to help the youth to save, invest, and spend well. He defines having vision as being able to see the long game, the fruition of hard work and dedication.

Caterina Rando

Author & Founder, Thriving Women in Business Center

Caterina Rando, passionately serves entrepreneurs and leaders on a mission. Holding over twenty-five years of educating and enlightening audiences makes her a master at providing value. Caterina is all about integrity, generosity, community and uplifting others.

Rando is a sought-after-speaker, event producer and a prolific author. Her books include: “Learn to Think Differently“, “A Women’s Guide To Starting a Giving Circle” and her latest book, “The ABCs of Public Speaking” which quickly hit #1 in four of Amazon best-seller categories. Caterina leads several successful empowerment programs and retreats. She wants women to know that they do not have to wait until they are wealthy, or retired before they can embrace philanthropy and make a difference. 

Rando is beyond passionate and finds YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference to be an ideal opportunity to act on sharing her mission to uplift and support entrepreneurs. Caterina wants everyone to know that they matter and everyone has value. She sees having a vision as seeing what you want to create in the world and getting started so you can see it in the world.

Arielle Hale

COO, Integrator & Creator of #30DaysofThreads

Arielle Hale rightfully calls herself the Queen of Marketing. Helping seven-figure entrepreneurs and business owners market, systemize, and scale is her chosen path. Hale uses her skill set to create automation processes that generate more income for her clients. Arielle is happy to attend and speak at YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference in support of founder, Tirzah Johnson, and to connect with other successful business owners.

After attending a course, Hale was immediately confronted with a call for her expertise. Arielle was not looking to become a creative mastermind in marketing that day, but left with three paying clients. This led Hale to continue in marketing advisement and towards her vision leading her across the map. Arielle states having vision means deciding what you want, creating a game plan to solidify it, and taking consistent action to get it.

Jasmine Anderson

Entrepreneur & CTO, Homebase

Jasmine Anderson is a technological expert and blockchain enthusiast. As Chief Technological Officer of the cohabitation and co-working startup Homebase, Anderson is able to travel the world while using her skills and influence to deal success. Jasmine encourages all to use this age of information. She realized her obsession with travel and living on her own terms was a path to entrepreneurship.  Anderson empowers people to leverage the advances of technology to pursue their passions and earning money while doing it.

Jasmine is living proof that triumph within career does not have to involve a boss or cubicle. Anderson believes that having vision means deciding what you want, believing you deserve it, and knowing it is possible to manifest. She is joining the YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference to tell about her efforts of tackling the housing crisis that is crippling millennials in major cities. Jasmine moves to inspire others to do things that scare them and to live life to the fullest.

Madison Jaye

International Spiritual Journalist, Host of “The Madison Jaye Show” Podcast

Madison Jaye is an international media personality, noted TEDx speaker & 11-time award-winning journalist. Specializing in Spiritual Healing, Madison leads a self-titled podcast, “The Madison Jaye Show”, on iheart Radio in partnership with Pandora. Madison has worked with top NY radio stations, celebrities and business professionals such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Estelle, Fatman Scoop, and more. Jaye is a published author, her latest book “Eat like A Chakra Goddess” guides others to build resilience through the spirituality of food.

Digital Marketing and PR expert, Madison taught her Social Media 101 course at the esteemed Columbia University.  Jaye is responsible for pioneering the digital touring strategy. Now, a student at Harvard Business, she has created or aided digital campaigns for McDonald’s, Lifetime Network, Honda, One Direction, Maybelline Cosmetics, and more. Madison also works hand in hand with community leaders toward inner city redevelopment, supporting the youth in New Jersey. Madison believes in helping others create lanes for their purpose no matter what walk of life they are from.

Jaye believes in the mission and integrity of the YesHoney Collective organization. She plans to share both spiritual and digital resources from her background that have taught her how to make hobbies from her everyday life such as traveling, reading, and appreciating nature, a part of her job. Madison describes vision as the light inside of you that sparks the idea of purpose. She is joining the 2020 Vision Conference to assist people in finding what they were put on Earth to do by connecting with others with diverse spiritual beliefs.

Adrian Kennedy

Founder, Xscape Co.

Adrian Kennedy, founder of Xscape is a strong believer that family and community are two of the most foundational elements of society. As a life long learner, his ambitions pushed him to find ways to strengthen societal foundations through finance, technology, and growth. Kennedy believes that focusing on resourcefulness in these 3 key areas can change lives when correctly applied. 

Growing up Adrian was not an intentional entrepreneur, but always found an opportunity to profit by solving unique problems. His first book, “Business Growth Secrets: The Growth Focused Guide” is a key to align others to help simplify their businesses. Outside of enjoying nature, good meals, and live shows, Kennedy finds purposeful fun. Researching real estate markets, redesigning websites, and working towards his hopes to one day redesign cities and decrease vehicle reliance, creating a healthier community also fall into his free time.

Adrian will share his knowledge, provide resources, and do his part to help attendees grow speaking at YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference. Kennedy describes having vision as being able to see realities, opportunities, and possible outcomes before anyone else and being able to bridge the gap between that which does not exist and that which can using purposeful action over time.

Josh Smith

Serial Entrepreneur

Josh Smith is a government contracting specialist, his expertise is specifically suited for enterprise level software solutions. Josh aims to advice owners, especially military veterans, to navigate the business aspect of government contracting. Familial guidance and legacy validated Josh on his path to serial entrepreneurship from a young age. Smith began with a candy store then expanded into real estate, but found he was lacking knowledge in contracting. Josh was determined to find solutions in order to grow and develop the ability to provide them to peers with the similar obstacles. Generating wealth and creating vertical systems has afforded Smith the grace to delve into many fulfilling opportunities including speaking at YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference. Smith enjoys communicating with large business-minded groups seeing it as paramount to educating as many as he possibly can.

Josh assumes no creative limitations, from new business ventures, inspiring skydives, to kicking back and enjoying his favorite anime, to sustainable gardening, his experiential knowledge is unbounded. Smith works to relay his belief that vision is understanding that your eyes have limitations that your mind doesn’t. Smith will be in Sacramento participating to help attendees explore their growth opportunities.

Ogechukwu Madu is a real estate investor, an author, and a multi-faceted entrepreneur. Madu increases investor finances by providing access to The Blackseed Group investment vehicles: Blackseed360 membership platform, BlackseedShares, and Blackseed Revitalization Fund I. In 2017, Ogechukwu wrote, “10 Reasons Why You Are Living Centsless“, highlighting areas where young adults are overspending, while providing practical tips the reader can put to use. He affirms that everyone should invest. Be it in real estate, stocks, or lifestyle choices and education, Ogechukwu promotes growth.

Inspired by his mother’s ownership of a home health business, Ogechukwu actively assisted during summers. Foundational lessons taught him about entrepreneurial development and how to navigate within a business environment. In his free time, Ogechukwu shares helpful tips on personal finance, stock investment and real estate via social media and his exclusive email list.

Ogechukwu is excited to kick off his 2020 public speaking tour at YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference. Ogechukwu believes supporting founder, Tirzah Johnson and other knowledgeable speakers promotes camaraderie and opens the door for new opportunities. Ogechukwu views having vision as foresight and the adaptability to solve problems facilitating capitalization. Ogechukwu has a vision to create programs and educational facilities that focus on financial literacy so more can develop their own vision.

Brandon Jones

Real Estate Investor, The 200K Club

Brandon Jones is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. While developing skills as an employee in the real estate arena, Jones recognized his abilities could support him independently. Using the resources accumulated he began training budding entrepreneurs to better develop their business models. He is an investor, contributor, and mentor, who coaches aspiring leaders to mirror his successes.

Being a speaker at YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference was a definite choice for Brandon after working with founder, Tirzah. Building on his efficiency and purpose, the “why”, he recognizes the platform is another opportunity to connect and inspire.

Aside from mentoring and raking in promising deals, Jones appreciates reading, basketball, card games like spades, and Sudoku critical thinking puzzles. He also considers critical thinking in his outlook on life. Brandon believes having vision means knowing where you come from, where you are, and where you are headed. He admits it is better not to assume the world is largely negative because of what is fed to us through media outlets, but to know there are good people, beauty exists, and there are dope places for everyone to experience.

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