YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference, wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team of organizers.

Meet our organizers of our 2020 event:

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Tirzah Moneé

Lead Organizer & Founder, YesHoney Collective

Tirzah Moneé is an award-winning web designer & developer, public speaker, but she spends most of her time as a Brand Strategist & Accountability coach helping other multi-passionate entrepreneurs build their roadmap to success. 

Tirzah empathizes with how scary it can be to jump in to start your own business. This is why she offers years of research, hundreds of hours of schooling and sleepless nights to help people like you strategically launch and scale your business into a profitable brand faster.

One of her greatest joys in life comes from seeing her clients grow confident in their business as upcoming leaders in their industry. I love to see clients glow when they can spend their days doing what they love. I call this the YesHoney Glow Up™.

Lloyd Owens

UI & Graphic Designer

Lloyd Owens is a graphic designer turned UI/UX designer. After realizing full stack web development just was not his passion, Owens focused more on the intoxicating feeling he gained by creating something from nothing for a client.  Lloyd appreciates the need for designers who define a message that is, or was once trapped somewhere between a clients head, heart and wallet. When Owens is not working with an entrepreneur on a project, or practicing his golf swing, he uses his innovative energy to cook, and write poetry and erotica.  

Seeing the ice cream man and the HVAC repairman are memories that Lloyd holds as his first introductions to entrepreneurship. Growing up in South Park Houston, TX, Owens recalls his best friends father leaving an engineering job to open a slew of Subway franchises. This gave him a desire to follow the examples of people he recognized were doing it “on their own”. Lloyd decided to learn how to better articulate the stories he needed and wanted to tell.

Owens aligned with the YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference team to expand on that notion, seeing a creative need among such a talented network and contributing his efforts to fill it. Lloyd strives to build a bridge that sees to more people who look like him living a prosperous life, achieving and dreaming bigger. “Vision is being able to see around corners, being able to express what you see, where you are going and knowing how you plan on getting there. It’s more defined than a dream & less convoluted than a “business plan”.”

Syd Singletary

 Media Consultant & Founder, Pretty Much Everything

Syd Singletary is a multimedia consultant and copywriter. Syd aims to use her  creativity, collaboration and digital marketing skill set to establish strong inter-industry partnerships. Singletary uses graphic design and creative writing to help build businesses brand recognition. Syd joined the YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference team to remain purposefully inspired by like-minded innovative leaders and to sharpen her abilities through mentors. Aside from appreciating music and family, Singletary is an advocate for sustainable community growth and works to develop equity in the agricultural, cannabis, and tech industries. 

Raised in South Carolina, Syd learned in order to strengthen the community economically, breaking into stigmatized industries, like cannabis and those lacking diversity, like agriculture and tech would be required. This motivated Singletary to move to California to pursue her entrepreneurial goals. Syd founded Pretty Much Everything, a cannabis business promoting infused products, like H!GH BARE! Body Butter, for safe medicinal use and overall spiritual wellness. Singletary inspires entrepreneurs and investors to utilize their resources to reduce cannabis stigma, and to profit from the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry. “Vision is faith in action, persevering to create the solutions you wish to see in your life and community.”


Brandie Rovito

Creative Director

Brandie is an artist that designs new pieces, like life size figures and event decorations out of recyclable material. Learning ways to recycle and give items a second life is a fun challenge for Rovito. Becoming a part of YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference intrigued Brandie because she enjoys tackling new settings and sharing her art techniques with fellow entrepreneurs. Introduced to her entrepreneurial flame at brunches curated by YesHoney Collective founder, Tirzah Johnson, Rovito finds being surrounded by creatives with goals to be great motivation.

Brandie grew up in a family that use everything until it was no longer recyclable, using grocery bags for forts or scenery and more. She scrolls Pinterest for inspiration and interesting DYI projects in hopes of helping people realize that items in life have multiple purposes from home decor to costume design. Rovito feels that just because something loses the ability to perform its intended purpose does not mean it no longer holds value. Brandie defines vision as having a clear idea and knowing the steps required to achieve goals.

Jeff Romero

SEO, Digital Marketer

Jeff Romero is a tenured digital marketer with over a decade of experience. Jeff thrives in the outdoors, among friends, and raising his three rescue pups. Professionally, Romero enjoys helping small businesses grow their digital footprint on the web and managing large advertising budgets. Jeff is a SEO by trade, working with e-commerce retailers, delivering results time and time again. Romero is trained in multiple facets of digital marketing and he aims to continuously assist small businesses in growing online traffic to compete in the digital world.

Intrigued by entrepreneurship through a friend and SEO colleague, Sean
Hakes, Jeff worked at a startup agency Sean founded and loved every moment of watching the business develop. Being able to witness the success of his colleague encouraged Romero to be an entrepreneur. Jeff joined the YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference team to expand his expertise by partnering with others in the same seats.  Jeff prides his self on being a positive person working to spread optimism to entrepreneurs who need a more PMA (positive mental attitude).  “To me, having VISION means seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Whether it’s a project for myself or client, I am the type of person who likes to take something from a simple idea to fully executing it and delivering desired results.”


Secret Bridgewater

Publicist & Chief Amazement Officer

Secret Bridgewater is an event reporter, YouTuber, freelance publicist and tarot reader. Secret loves human interaction using it to create a legacy for her five magnificent little humans. Bridgewater wants people to communicate and states we should all feel more comfortable interacting with one another. As a girl, Secret had dreams of becoming a powerful business woman but was unsure of her path thinking she should stop dreaming and just work on getting a good job. That simply did not fit her spirit so Secret decided to use technology, her magnetic personality, and creativity to build her personal brand and shine a spotlight on events and businesses she supports online. 

Secret wanted to work as part of the YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference team because of her admiration for YesHoney Collective Founder, Tirzah Johnson. Bridgewater sees Tirzah as an amazing woman who continues to provide intentional energy and value to those around her. Secret has a vision that aims to connect and share her talent to help her children and entrepreneurs reach their potential using communication. “It’s clearly setting where you want to be and holding that same picture over time to make it materialize.”

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