“Break down walls + open doors to success”

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Sacramento, California,  September 27, 2018–Thirty urban entrepreneurs, business-minded people, and collaborators will gather for a morning of breaking down barriers to success. YesHoney Collective LLC™ presents the second installment of the Creative Entrepreneur Mastermind Brunch from 11 am to 2:30 pm October 27, 2018, at Rio City Cafe in Sacramento.

What to expect–Warm welcomes from a roundtable of local creative entrepreneurs ready to network and the opportunity to participate in discussions that will allow them to identify, prioritize, and rationalize goals and pair them with the resources to help them succeed in their venture. “We challenge creative business owners who are passionate about their business to grow their vision without selling their souls by focusing on their, big ‘why’, and purpose. Each brunch we bring new resources to bring our attendees closer to their goals.” Says founder of the collective Tirzah M. Johnson. “When others shared their stories, I felt more assured I wasn’t the only one. Plus the mimosas were an added bonus!” Past attendee, Christian Morales added.

Contact us at info@YesHoneyCollective.com or visit www.YesHoneyCollective.com to learn more about the collective.

Local professionals of the collective will discuss the keys to work-life integration as new entrepreneurs. 

YesHoney Collective LLC™ works with life coaches, designers, brand specialist, photographers, developers, and marketers to provide business resources to align your business for success. Once a month, the creative professionals of YesHoney Collective™ gather to discuss entrepreneurship, share industry secrets, and strategies all designed to accelerate business growth and profitability.

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Website: www.YesHoneyCollective.com
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